About Us

Without furniture a room is a space without context or scale. In all interiors it is the furniture that enhances the style and comfort level. Furniture draws people together and allows people to relate to a space, interact with it and experience it. 

Our Brand

Moran has been a long established aspirational and recognised brand name in the industry with a proven track record spanning over 50 years.

This distinction was earned by supplying three generations of homemakers with prestige furniture. Our furniture is synonymous with ultimate style, superior seated comfort, longevity and added value that remain highly sought-after.

Our Construction

Moran construction prides itself on its bespoke made product. 

Each Moran piece is expertly crafted using the finest materials and best practice methods, delivering a prestigious level of style and comfort, qualities which often fall short with manufacturers that use mass production techniques. 

Our Experience

Moran’s specialised team are at your disposal to maximise product development capabilities with reliable, flexible and competitive outcomes.

 From initial prototype development right through to transportation for reliable on-time delivery, enjoy peace of mind in our wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering custom fit-outs of all sizes and in all fields.



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